Address Book

See Which Groups They’re In:
If you have a contact that appears in more than one Group, you can instantly see which of your Groups this individual appears in by simply clicking on his or her contact and holding the Option key.
When you do this, every Group that they appear within will become highlighted.
This is handy if you want to clean up your Groups by deleting extra instances of people who appear in multiple Groups.

Create a Birthdays Calendar:
Thanks to Address Book, you’ll never forget a birthday again. That’s because iCal will create a Birthdays calendar for you, so you’ll have plenty of time to pick up a card or present. First you need to add a birthday field to Address Book. Here’s how:

1. Open Address Book and go to a contact to which you’d like to add a birthday.
2. Pull down the Card menu and choose Birthday from the Add Field option.

The birthdays you add in Address Book automatically appear in iCal if you:

1. Open iCal.
2. Choose Preferences from the iCal menu.
3. Click the checkbox next to Show Birthdays calendar (under the General tab).

Automatically Add Email Addresses in Mail:
When you’re reading messages in Mail, you can automatically add someone’s email address to Address Book simply by typing Command-Shift-Y. And once you create a group address in Address Book, you can add all of the group members simply by type the group name in the To (or cc) field in Mail. Here’s how:

1. Go to Address, click the + sign below the Group column, and give your new group a name — “Tennis Team,” for example.
2. Click “All” at the top of the Group column (so the name of everyone in your Address Book appears) and drag the names of everyone on the tennis team into the new Tennis Team group.
And you’re done. The next time you want to send email to the team, you won’t have to enter each name one at a time. Just start typing “Tennis Team” and let Mail fetch and fill in all the email addresses for you.

Fill Out Forms Quickly:
Enter it once. Use it practically everywhere. One of the brightest gems in Mac OS X, Address Book integrates with Safari, Mail, iChat, iCal, and other applications. And it syncs effortlessly with iPhone, iPod, and .Mac — so you can take contacts wherever you go.

Because it integrates with Safari, you can use it to fill in forms when you’re shopping online. Here’s how:

1. Open Safari and choose Preferences from the Safari menu.
2. In the Preferences dialog, click the AutoFill tab and click the checkbox next to Using info from my Address Book card.
3. Click the Edit button to view, and if you’d like, modify any of the information on your Address Book “My Card”.
Next time you shop online, Safari will retrieve the information it needs from Address Book.