Create a Bookmark

You Tube, the Onion, Apple Hot News, your bank, your local Craigs List, Wikipedia — if you visit the same websites on a regular basis, you can save yourself some time and keystrokes by creating bookmarks for those sites.
Let’s say you keep up with environmental news with regular visits to The easiest way to create a bookmark is to:

1. Go to the site for which you’d like to create a bookmark.

2. Click the + sign in the Safari toolbar.

3. In the Sheet that drops down, type “grist” (or whatever name you’d like to use for the site), choose the folder — “News,” for example — where you’d like to keep it, and click the Add button.

And you’re done.
Next time you want to catch up on environmental news, instead of typing the name of the site, simply click the News folder (found in the Bookmarks bar of most Macs), and choose grist from the menu that appears.

Creata A fully functioning Bookmarks bookmark in your Dock:

If you’re looking to make a bookmark in your Dock that will bring up all of your bookmarks, there is a way to do it with Safari.
First, you may not know it, but you can enter bookmarks:// in the Safari address bar and it will bring up all of your Bookmarks, just as if you pressed the Bookmarks button in the Bookmarks Bar.
If you try to drag this down into your Dock, though, Launches Services doesn’t quite know what to do with it, so it won’t actually launch your Bookmarks.

Here’s how to fix that:

1. Create a new Safari bookmark for the URL bookmarks://

2. Drag it to your Dock

3. Download and install the freeware application MisFox.

4. In this program click on the Protocol Helper tab.

5. Now press the New button.

6. Enter the protocol bookmarks, and for the Helper choose: /Applications/

Now the Bookmarks bookmark in your Dock will correctly open your Safari bookmarks page when you open it.

Open Bookmark Groups with One Click in Safari:

One feature of Safari that is often over looked is the ability to open multiple sites at one time with just a few clicks.
So, if you have group of sites you visit every morning, you can easily load all of them at once in just one click.

To set them up all you have to do is:

1. Make sure the Bookmarks Bar is visible. If you don’t see it select View>Show Bookmarks Bar

2. Click on the Bookmarks icon in the bar to bring up your bookmarks.

3. In the Bookmarks Bar create a new folder (”Apple News” for example)

4. Add you favorite links into the folder

5. You’ll see the folder in your Bookmarks Bar - all you have to do is click it.

All the sites within that folder will open into tabs and load at once.
Be forewarned, however, they will replace any open tabs you have - so be sure you’re done with those other tabs, or open a new window before launching your bookmarked sites.