Keyboard Shortcuts

You can use your keyboard to quickly accomplish many tasks in iDVD.

To find the shortcuts for common commands, look in the menus (or see the menu shortcuts below).

iDVD menu shortcuts:

Preferences > Command-comma (,)

Hide iDVD > Command-H

Hide Others > Option-Command-H

Quit iDVD > Command-Q

File menu shortcuts:

New > Command-N

Open > Command-O

Close Window > Command-W

Save > Command-S

Save As > Command-Shift-S

Burn DVD > Command-R

Save as Disc Image > Command-Shift-R

Edit menu shortcuts:

Undo > Command-Z

Redo > Command-Shift-Z

Cut > Command-X

Copy > Command-C

Paste > Command-V

Paste and Match Style > Command-Option-Shift-V

Copy Style > Command-Option-C

Paste Style > Command-Option-V

Select All > Command-A

Deselect All > Command-Shift-A

Project menu shortcuts:

Project Info > Command-I >

Change to Widescreen (16:9) or Change to Standard (4:3) > Command-Option-A

Add Submenu > Command-Shift-N

Add Slideshow > Command-L

Add Text > Command-K

Go Back > Command-B

View menu shortcuts:

Motion > Command-J

Show Map > Command-Shift-M

Show TV Safe Area > Command-T

Show Standard Crop Area > Command-Option-T

Window menu shortcuts:

Minimize > Command-M

Actual Size > Command-1

Help menu shortcuts:

iDVD Help > Command-question mark (?)