A simple money program that helps you organise your accounts, budgets and finances.

Concept Draw
More of a group of programs that offer a wide range of applications such as flow charts to mind maps.

A cross platform database application, that has amazing power and potential.

Apples work application package to complement iLife, a good package if you want the Apple integration although lacks on some features.

Microsoft Office
Office is one of the most prominent packages on the Windows machines for work programs. Very good on Mac, although some small annoying bugs.

Another application for managing your accounts. The interface on this program is amazing.

An Open Office port to Mac, like Microsoft Office, except its free.

A very powerful webpage editor for designing and creating websites. Just as good as Dreamweaver.

A brill program that offers a really cool way of creating presentation diagrams. Check out the Omni Groups offerings for all of the cool programs they have to offer.

Another program by Jumsoft on this list that lets you plan and organise your projects.

Another personal finance program, but this one feels more corporate and official.

A cool little program that helps you organise all your bits of information, great if you end up filling up dashboard with millions of stickies.