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NewsTap is a Usenet Newsreader for the iPhone and the iPod Touch.Features- It's easy and simple to subscribe, manage and read news groups.- The application fully supports the portrait and landscape mode.- Limited support for binary groups so photos and pictures can be displayed as well. It's possible to add photoes into the photo album.- Quotes are displayed in different colors. Hyperlinks can be opened in the web browser Safari.- Optimized article layout for the small iPhone display. The original layout is also available.- Navigate articles via thread tree or by flicking with one finger.- Filter available for read articles and quotes.- Build-in help, which explains all the application features.- Backup feature (requires a Macintosh computer and the Mac application "NewsTap Backup Tool"), which can be used to save and restore preferences and subscriptions. This feature can also be used to import export "newsrc" files so you can synchronize NewsTap with other Newsreader applications on your Mac. This feature requires a Mac, currently it doesn't work with Windows.

  • License: $4
  • Author/Publisher: Alexander Clauss
  • Modification Date: November 16, 2008
  • Requirements: iPhone OS 2.x
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