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AdiumX – multi-protocol IM client
Amnesty – Display dashboard widgets on your desktop
AppDelete - Free OS X application uninstaller
AppZapper – Application Unistaller
Aqua4iTunes - iTunes Skins
ArtText - Create Graphic Logos

BitTorrent – bittorrent client
BlogLines Menu – Display Unread Bloglines RSS feeds in the menu bar
Byte Controller – iTunes keyboard shortcuts

Camino – Web browser
Chax - iChat plugin enhancement
Countdown Clock – Display a countdown clock to a certain date in the menu bar
Cyber Duck - Free FTP client

DVD2One – DVD Backup
Delibar -Access Delicious bookmarks from the Menu Bar
Delivery Status – Track your packages with this Dashboard Widget
DiggUpdate – Display frontpage Digg articles from the menu bar
DockChanger – Customize the Leopard Dock
DockEdit – Customize the Leopard Dock
DockDr – Customize the Leopard Dock
DRMDumpster - Strip DRM protection from iTunes songs

Eavesdrop – Packet Sniffing application
Enabler – Install Front Row on any PPC or Intel based Mac

Fetch - FTP client
FlickrExport – Plugin that exports images from iPhoto directly to your Flickr.com Account
Flock – social web browser
Firefox – Web browser

Get Tube – Download You Tube Videos and Audio Easily
Gmail Notifier – Display unread eMail message from your Gmail account
Growl - system event notifications
GrowlMail – Growl notifications for Apple Mail

Handbrake – DVD ripping software

iClip – Customizable clipboard functionality
iCrypt - File Encryption Software
iEatBrainz – Automatic ID3 tagger for MP3s
iPod Access – Access your iPod files like never before
iPod Music Liberator – Rip iPod to computer
iPod Rip - application for ripping songs from your iPod
iPhone NES Emulator – plays NES games on your iPhone
iRecordMusic - record internet audio, quicktime, and wmp audio
iScrobbler – Send iTunes track information to Last.fm from the menu bar
iSpazz – iTunes visualization plugin – keyboard backlight flases to the music
iStumbler - Wifi Network Detection Tool
iToner - add custom ringtones to your iPhone

KPSaver - OS X kernal panic screensaver

Letterbox - give Apple Mail 3 viewing panes similar to Outlook
LiteIcon - OS X icon customization
LittleSnitch - Monitor Network Traffic for Applications that Phone Home
LogMeIn - Remotely control your Mac from any web browser.

MacTheRipper – DVD Ripper
MagiCal – Menu Bar Calendar / Clock
Mail Appetizer – Pop up notifications for Apple Mail
MailCountX – Display the number of unread email message in the menu bar
MenuMeters – Display CPU, memory, and other stats in the menubar
Meteo – Display weather forecasts in the os x menu bar
MoneyDance – Pesonal Finance Manager
Monocle – search various search engines from the os x menu bar
More iChat Effects - add new video backgrounds to iChat
Music Rescue – iPod Copying Application
MyTunes RSS - Stream your iTunes library across the internet

NEStopia – NES Rom Emulator

OmniGraffle – flow chart application

Pastor – store logins and passwords
Plaxo – online address book services
PodTube - Download videos from youtube, dailymotion, and myspace
pzizz – creates a powernap soundtrack for relaxation

QuickSilver – keyboard shortcut application launcher

RadioLover – Rip live streaming radio stations in MP3 format.
RapidWeaver – Creates websites from blogs, photo albums, or just plain HTML pages.

Senuti – copy songs from iPod to Mac for free.
Safari – Web Browser
Songbird – iTunes alternative
SpeedFreak – Prioritize processors for increased application speed
Stellarium – view actual images of the skies and constellations from around the world.
Stuffit Expander – File Decompression Application

Temperature Monitor – Monitor system temperature from the menubar
TigerLaunch – Mac Application Launcher
Tomato Torrent – Mac Bittorent Client
Trampoline – OSX Application launcher
Transmission – bittorrent client
Transmit- FTP Client
Trapper Keeper – Store and Access Notes Quickly
TubeSock- Download uTube Videos to your Mac
Tune Backup – Automatically backup your iTunes library

Uno – Removes the brushed metal look from OS X

ViddyUp - Automated conversion of Video files for iPod and AppleTv
Vienna – Free RSS reader
Virture Desktops – Allows you to have multiple virtual desktops on your Mac.
VirusBarrier – virus protection for os x and windows
VLC Media Player
– video/audio media player

WiiTransfer – Transfer images and video to your Mac
wStock – display a scrolling stock ticker in your menubar

xTorrent – P2P application

Yahoo Widget Engine – widgets for your desktop
YemuZip – File Compression Application
Yep – iPhoto like app for organizing your PDF files
yMail – display unread email message from your Yahoo email accoun in the menu bar
Yummy FTP – FTP client