Install Windows 8 on a Mac

If you would like to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview on your Mac follow this simple guide.
  1. Download Windows 8 Here.
  2. Burn Windows 8 to a DVD using Disk Utility (Found in Applications/Utilities).

  3. Open Boot Camp Assistant (Also found in Applications/Utilities).

  4. Click Continue.
  5. If needed download the drivers, make sure to save them onto a USB Stick.

  6. Partition the drive to the sizes you want or, divide equally.
  7. If you havent already, insert your Windows 8 DVD and click install. Your Mac will auto-restart after partitioning your drive.
  8. Once Windows loads choose your preferred languages.

  9. Type in the Activation Code: DNJXJ-7XBW8-2378T-X22TX-BKG7J make sure to write it down now.
  10. Agree to the licence, Click next.
  11. Choose "Custom Install".
  12. Select the Drive labeled BootCamp and then click Format.

  13. Click Next, Windows will now install.
  14. During the install your Mac may reboot a few times, once its done you'll be greeted with a personalize screen, Choose your preferred colour and then click next, now either use the express settings or customize to your preferred settings.
  15. Once your done choosing your settings you have an option to sign in if you dont want to click "Dont want to sign in with a Microsoft Account." and you can setup a local account. (After re-installing Windows 8 I've realized you can only setup a local account as you wont have an internet connection, the screenshot below was from inside a virtualbox running on OS X which of course was connected to the web)

  16. Install the BootCamp Drivers you downloaded and saved to a USB stick earlier. To do this click on the Desktop tile, then Open Windows Explorer on the task-bar and navigate to your USB stick, and the double click on the BootCamp setup.exe, it will auto install the required drivers after you will need to reboot.
Windows will now boot by default to choose which OS to boot, (Windows or OS X) hold ALT on boot. To change the behavior to boot by default into OS X you can do this with either Boot Camp control panel on Windows selecting Startup Disk or choose Startup Disk in System Preferences on OS X.