Customizing the organize toolbar:

The toolbar is the row of buttons that appears at the bottom of the iPhoto window.

When you view the photos in a particular Event or album, you are in organize view. You can customize the toolbar in organize view by adding or removing buttons that let you perform the most common tasks for sharing your photos.

To customize the organize toolbar:
  1. Choose View > “Show in Toolbar.”
  2. Choose the buttons you want to appear in the toolbar from the submenu. A selected item has a checkmark next to it; choose the item again to deselect it.
Depending on how wide your screen is, you may not see all the buttons in the toolbar. Click the angle brackets (shown below) near the bottom-right corner of the window to see the missing tools, or drag the resize control at the bottom-right corner of the window to make it wider.

Changing the settings for a published album:

You can change the settings for each published album. You can add or remove the password protection or change the actions that your visitors can take, such as downloading or adding photos.

To change the settings for a published album:
  1. Select the published album in the Source list.
  2. Click the Settings button in the toolbar.
  3. Change the publish settings. For more information, see Related Topics below.
  4. Click Publish.