MacApps - Which Mac are you ?

A simple piece of software that rates your musis in your iTunes libary based on the number of plays and track skips.

A simple little program that shows you little fishes swimming around.

A little program that can arm your computer. Moving your laptop will set of the alarm and alert you to intruders.

Once again using the motion sensor in a laptop. This program fills the screen with water which you can play around with by moving your computer.

Let your Mac become a jedi. Once again using the motion sensor makes cool lightsaber noises. Don’t let the mac fly out of your hands as it has with a couple of people.

Tetris on the extreme side of life. A cool little app with amazing graphics on the old arcade favourite Tetris.

Resize ‘Em All
A little program which can be used to resize images.

Put a ruler on your screen. This application lets you measure nearly anything on your screen, great if you are in the design world.

A small application that runs in your menu bar to control your fan speeds. A must if you think your computer runs a bit hot.

One for the work-a-holic. A little application that tells you to take a break and stop what you are doing.

Sets your screen saver as your wallpaper. A great little program to add a bit of movement to your desktop.