Apple Remote Desktop
One of Apples many programs that lets you work effectively on your network. This app lets you look in on a remote desktop and work with it remotely.

Battery Health
One of many tools used to help you find out how much juice is left in your Mac battery. A tool for any laptop.

Installing Windows on a Mac is never easier with BootCamp. A simple program that create a partition on you disk for installing windows.

A menu bar monitoring tool for you network. Lets you find tons of info about you LAN and WAN in one easy to reach place.

Carbon Copy Cloner
For serious back ups you need somthing like Carbon Copy Cloner that can clone your entire drive quickly and easily.

Chmox is a program that enables you to open .chm help files on your Mac. Chm files are not supported in preview.

Coconut Battery
A personal favourite of mine, this is another battery tool to monitor the health of your battery. I wish my laptop was run off coconuts.

DasBoot is a tool to create a diagnostic and repair kit for your computer to put on an iPod or flash drive.

The tool endorsed by Microsoft to help with those pesky .wmv files.

This software creates drag and drop .dmg archives on the fly. Easy to use if you make a lot of disk images.

GeekTool is a preference pane module to show system logs, unix commands output, or images (i.e. from the internet) on your desktop.

A very useful tool that is used by many applications to show a clean way of displaying messages to you. Like the bubbles in Windows except a hell of a lot better.

Hardware Monitor
Hardware Monitor is designed to check the various pieces of hardware on you computer for faults and problems as well as give messages back to you.

Editing hex files cannot be easier with Hex Fiend.

HoudahGeo allows you to add Geo data to any image within the EXIF data. Helps you find your way around the world in your images.

iStat Menus
iStat Menus off a wide range of statistical analysis of your computer including various hardware bits. Their widget is one of my favouites.

Mac Pilot
This piece of software allows you to modify various parts of your computer that you would normally have to do through Terminal.

This little app cleans up various system files and other bits and bobs to keep your computer running smoothly.

MainMenu is another piece of software to help you keep your computer running smoothly. This one has more advance options such as rebuilding the spotlight database.

Another monitor piece of software but this one is designed to run within the menu bar.

Who needs to know French. Monolingual removes the languages from the computer that you do not need.

A project management tool that lets you organise your projects quickly and easily.

Highly recommended virtualization software for virtualizing other OS’s.

Service Scrubber
Helps you organise and remove services from your menus (Name of App > Services)

Once a very popular proxy tool for sorting out your own proxy for handling your internet connection. Has become disused over time.

Stomp those big files down to size. Helps reduce video files into more compressed formats.

Another great backing up utility although its not fully Leopard compatible at the time of writing.

A very cool little application that lets you share a mouse and keyboard between one or more computers.

A tool that lets you access more preferences the Apple has built into the OS.

Another very good piece virtualization software to enable to to virtualize other OS’s.