Easy Mac Tips !

Cursor Hide & Seek
  • When renting a movie from iTunes, you can watch the entire movie even if you only have only one minute left on your rental before it expires
  • You can hide your cursor while browsing in Safari or Firefox simply by pressing the 'esc' key. If you want to get it back ? Wiggle the mouse.
Setech Astronomy
Keep your secrets. Choose 'Secure Empty Trash...' from the Finder menu so that your files will not be able to be restored by recovery tools.

Skip, skip to the end of the line.
Command+Arrows will move you as far as possible in that direction when editing text.
Up: Top of doc. Down: bottom. Left: Start of line. etc.

Make a Business Card iPod Stand
Got an business card ? Need an iPod stand ? Make one with some scissors & folding skills. Use the instructions here http://tinyurl.com/3apsr2.

Might as well jump.
At the bottom of a page in Mobile Safari on your iPhone ? Simply tap the title bar near the clock to quickly scroll up to the top of the page

Stay in place in your space
Use Spaces ? Want to open a new Safari window but stay in the Space you're in ? Just CTRL click the Safari icon in your dock then 'New Window'

Get you PC Game On!
Want to play PC games on your Mac without installing Boot Camp, Windows, Parallels or VMWare ? Try CrossOver Games: http://tinyurl.com/2qbyof

Finder Uninterrupted
When you are absolutely sure, hold down option when selecting restart, shut down, or log out to avoid the "are you sure you want to" message.

Extra Quartz Composer Screen Savers
Nav to /System/Library/Compositions and drag the .qtz files that you can see in Quick Look into the preview of a screen saver in System Pref.

Multiple iTunes Libraries
Holding down the option key while iTunes launches will allow you to choose/create iTunes libraries, good for local vs. external collections.

OS X Defined
Holding Command+Control+D and hovering over any word gives you the dictionary definition. Click 'more' to launch the dictionary application.

Helpful Safari Shortcuts
To get a list of useful Safari shortcuts. Paste this local URL into Safari file:///Applications/Safari.app/Contents/Resources/Shortcuts.html

Leopard Application Menu

Drag the Applications folder to the right side of the Dock. Control+click and choose list. Now you have your very own Apps menu when clicked

Quick Spotlight Search
Spotlight. One of the best features of a Mac and best and easiest way to find files on your Mac. Shortcut "Command+Space Bar" and type away.

Print Screen for Mac
Hold down ctrl + command, shift and 4 or 3 to copy screen print image to clipboard, then it's ready to paste in an email or any document.

Spotlight Adds Up
If you want to do a simple mathematical equation, type it in the spotlight search field. For example if you type 2+2 you get 4 as the result

Where are you going
When browsing in Safari if you want to see where a link is going to take you before you click, Cmd + / opens the status bar for you to check

Windows in Spaces
Using Spaces, click & hold on to a window. Now press control+arrow to go to a different space. The held window will follow to the new space.

Selective Screen Grab
Press the command-shift-4 buttons to take a screen shot of a selected area of the screen, works great if you don't want the whole screen.

Free Office Suite
Want a great free alternative to Microsoft Office for Mac ? Try http://neooffice.org The free office suite OpenOffice has been ported to Mac !

High Contrast Display
Command+Option+Control+8 inverts the screen. Helpful on laptops for better contrast outdoors and also creeping out people that shoulder surf

Fine tune your volume
If you use Option + Shift while pressing on the Mac's volume function keys, your volume adjusts by smaller increments than usually possible.

Shortcuts in Open & Save
Command+Shift+D jumps to the desktop in the open and save dialog box. Use different combos, Command+Shift+H will take you home for instance.

Mac A-Z Glossary