Free Mac OS X Applications !

Web Browsers

* Firefox - Quick and Secure Web Browser

* Camino – A good looking Mac-styled browser, built on the Firefox engine.

* Safari – The default browser included with OS X, with a bunch of new features in the latest release.

* Opera – A powerful browser with a few new interesting features; speed dial, search shortcuts, and a tab trash can.

* Omniweb – Taking a different approach, and assisting you with online research


* QLab – Live Media Timelines for Mac OS X

* UltraMixer – Professional Digital DJ Solution to Mix Digital Music in Various Formats.

* ToolPlayer – Simple Music Player for OS X that Supports FLAC, MP3, Apple Lossless, AIFF, WAV, etc

* SimpleSynth – Plug MIDI Keyboard and Play with SimpleSynth

* Spotify – Spotify allows you to stream almost any song you can imagine via the internet. Access is free, though you’ll need to listen to a short advertisement every few songs.

* Songbird – A non-proprietary, cross platform, extensible tool with a great interface

* iTunes – The de-facto music player for OS X, Windows and iPod users

* Audion 3 – Now discontinued, but worth checking out

* Juice – A quality app for browsing and downloading podcasts

* Audacity – For editing and converting audio files.

Email, Chat and RSS

* Thunderbird – Email Application to Help You Organize, Secure and Customize Your Mail

* Adium – Free Universal Instant Messaging Application for Mac

* Microsoft Messenger – MSN Messenger Client for Mac

* Skype – Application for Phone Call over Internet

* Colloquy – Advanced IRC, SILC and ICB Client

* – Live Chat Application with Website’s Visitors

* NewsFire – A stylish RSS reader

* Vienna – Providing features comparable to commercial newsreaders for free.

* Shrook - A next-generation news reader

* RSSOwl – Filtering, labels and completely cross platform

* Dashboard RSS Reader – Keep RSS information easily accessible via Dashboard


* TweetDeck - Multi paned browsing, and very popular

* Twitteriffic – The classic Twitter client, with a great UI

* Twhirl – Friendly, colorful, and great multiple account support.

* EventBox – For Twitter, and a bunch of other social media networks

* Tweetr – Easy file sharing and webcam support


* VLC Media Player – Cross-Platform Multimedia Player

* RealPlayer – Mac OS X Version of RealPlayer

* Flash Player – Flash Player for Your Mac

* ooVoo – Free Video Chat and Video Conferencing

* Jing – Instantly Captures Images and Records Video

* FrameByFrame – Stop Motion Movie Creator for Mac

* AutoRate – iTunes Rating Made Easy

* Miro - Aiming to provide easily accessible, fully intergrated internet video

* Flip4Mac WMV – For enabling WMV videos in QuickTime

* Handbrake – The ultimate tool for converting video between formats

* Perian - An open source QuickTime component that adds native support for many popular video formats.

* DivX Player – A simple, free player for DivX files.


* iPhoto – The in-built photo app on OS X, with face recognition and geo-tagging support.

* Gimp – A free, cross platform photo editor.

* Seashore – Built on GIMP, with a slightly different user interface

* Flickr Uploader – A simple and free solution for uploading Flickr photos

* JetPhoto – Feature-rich and easy-to-use digital photo software

* Picasa – Picasa is designed and owned by Google. It offers a bunch of great features, and is also capable of sharing photos online.

FTP & File Sharing

* Cyberduck - A free alternative to commercial FTP applications

* Filezilla – Great for accessing FTP servers, and completely cross-platform

* Acquisition – In-built torrent searching and integration with iTunes.

* Tomato Torrent - A slightly dated but perfectly functional torrent manager

* Classic FTP -Easy to Use FTP Client

Office & Text Editor

* TextWrangler – A great, free, code editor for OS X

* Bean – A small, easy-to-use rich text processor

* AbiWord – A full featured, open source alternative to Open Office

* Smultron – Good looking, and great for web programming, script editing, making a to do list etc.

* jEdit – Aimed at technical users, an editor specifically for programming

* OpenOffice – OpenOffice is a worthy alternative to Microsoft Office, and comes at a far more attractive price


* Growl – A great system-wide notification system

* Disk Inventory X – For viewing a graphical representation of what’s eating up your hard drive

* AppCleaner – Allows you to remove any trace of an application

* Smart Reporter – Be notified if your hard drive seems likely to fail

* FuzzyClock – A fun and slightly less formal way to display the time in your menu bar.

* Quicksilver – Quicksilver is a powerful shortcut tool, which allows you to manipulate files and work with applications – all without needing to open them.

* Paparazzi – Utility for Mac OS X to Make Screenshots of Webpages

* Linotype FontExplorer X -Font Management Application

* iStat Pro – Highly Configurable Mac OS X Widget that Helps You Monitor Your System


* Deeper – Personalization Utility for Mac OS X which Reveals Hidden Settings

* MacLoc – Log Out from System without Closing Applications

* OnyX – Multifunction Utility for Maintenance, Optimization and Personalization of Your System

* Loginox – Application for Easier Customization of Login Screen

* Mactracker – Mactracker Provides Detailed Information on Every Apple, Motorola, PowerComputing, and UMAX Mac OS Computers

* SuperDocker – Little Application to Help You Modify Your Dock, Dashboard or Safari Loading Bar’s Appearance with Simple Drag & Drop

File Management

* AppCleaner – Small Application to Allow You Thoroughly Uninstall Unwanted Apps

* AppFresh - Application to Keep All Applications Up-To-Date

* Carbon Copy Cloner - Clone, Synchronize and Backup Your Files

* SpotInside – Search and Look Inside Documents


* Transmission – Multi-Platform BitTorrent Client

* Vuze – The Reigning Heavy-Weight BitTorrent Client