MacBook Pro built-in keyboard mapping in Windows

MacBook built-in keyboards are similar to MacBook Pro built-in keyboards, but there are some differences (such as Keyboard Illumination keys, which are not on a MacBook keyboard). However, the majority of this article applies to MacBook keyboards as well.

MacBook Pro keyboard all keys

Sample MacBook Pro built-in keyboard

Key mappings for Microsoft Windows features 
Below is a chart of keyboard functions specific to Microsoft Windows, and equivalent key combinations as they are mapped to Apple keyboards by the Apple Keyboard Support driver.
PC keyboard all keys

Print Screen PC Print Screen key Mac fn (function) keyMac Shift keyMac F11 key
Print active window -- Mac fn (function) keyMac Shift keyMac Option keyMac F11 key
Scroll Lock PC Scroll Lock key  Mac fn (function) keyMac Shift keyMac F12 key
Pause/Break PC Pause key  --
Backspace delete PC Backspace key  Mac delete key
Insert PC Insert key  --
Number lock PC numlock key Mac fn (function) keyMac F6 num lock key
Alt (Option) PC Alt key  Mac Option key
Enter PC Enter key Mac Return key 
AltGr / Alt GR PC Alt key

(Right Alt key)
 Mac Option keyMac Control key
Forward delete PC forward delete key  Mac fn (function) keyMac delete key
Applications PC applications key --
Windows logo (Start menu) PC period delete keypad key Mac Command key 

Key mappings for Boot Camp features
Some keys are only available on a keyboard designed for Apple computers. They are either named differently or simply not available on a Windows-compatible keyboard.

Your Apple keyboard provides certain keys that are not available on Windows/PC keyboards.

MacBook keyboard all keys shown and certain ones highlighted

Brightness down -- Mac F1 key 
Brightness up --  Mac F2 key
Volume down --  Mac F4 key
Volume up --  Mac F5 key
Mute --  Mac F3 key
Media eject --  Mac eject key
Media eject secondary optical drive -- Mac Option key Mac eject key
Delete --  Mac delete key
Fn (Function) --  Mac fn (function) key
Display Mode Toggle --  Mac F7 key
Keyboard Illumination Toggle (MacBook Pro) --  Mac F6 key
Decrease Keyboard Illumination --  Mac F9 key
Increase Keyboard Illumination --  Mac F10 key

Numeric keypad mappings
Apple external and built-in keyboards provide the same functionality as Microsoft-compatible numeric keypads.

To enable numerical input, press Num Lock on a PC keyboard, or Fn-Numlock on the MacBook Pro keyboard.

The chart below shows equivalent keystrokes.

Page Up PC 2 keypad Mac fn (function) keyMac Page Up key

(Numlock off)
Page Down PC 3 keypad Mac fn (function) keyMac Page Down key

(Numlock off)
Insert PC zero keypad  --
Decimal Point PC period delete keypad Mac decimal point key

(Numlock off)
Delete PC period delete keypad Mac fn (function) keyMac decimal point key

(Numlock off)
Up arrow PC 8 keypad  Mac page up key

(Numlock off)
Down arrow PC 2 keypad  Mac page down key

(Numlock off)
Left arrow PC 4 keypad  Mac left arrow key

(Numlock off)
Right arrow PC 6 keypad Mac right arrow key

(Numlock off)
Home PC Home keypad Mac fn (function) keyMac left arrow key

(Numlock off)

Additional Information
If you disable the Apple Keyboard Support driver in Windows, Windows will not recognize extended Function keys, nor the (Fn) key.

Important: Apple does not provide technical phone support for installing, using, or recovering Microsoft Windows. Support is available for using Boot Camp Setup Assistant, as well as installing or restoring Boot Camp software while booted into Windows. Support articles and discussions may also be available on Apple's support website.